August 31, 2023
iBusiness Funding Launches LenderAI Insights

Free SBA Lending Analytics Platform Using Public Data

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- iBusiness Funding, LLC, a leader in innovative lending solutions such as LenderAI and Lending as a Service (LaaS), is thrilled to unveil their groundbreaking new product, LenderAI Insights. Although LenderAI Insights shares a name with iBusiness Funding's flagship SBA lending software, LenderAI, it is a separate product designed as a standalone experience. This state-of-the-art platform exclusively uses public data sources and transforms them using proprietary internal models to offer unprecedented, actionable reporting on the Small Business Administration (SBA) lending industry.

As part of iBusiness Funding's commitment to industry leadership and innovation, LenderAI Insights is being offered FREE of charge for all SBA lenders nationwide. In addition, lenders do not need to be an existing LenderAI client to get access. Being at the forefront of data analytics and AI technologies in the SBA lending space, iBusiness Funding is launching the platform with a core set of functionalities with plans to continuously roll out additional capabilities based on an existing roadmap and customer requests. Some of the planned enhancements arriving on the platform over the next several weeks include loan level pricing and terms, franchise and funding data segmented by region, and additional competitive insights.

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Empowering SBA Lenders with Industry Insights

"We believe that public data should be both public and free. Some companies charge for access to this kind of publicly available information; we think it should be accessible to all. We've invested our resources, expertise, and time into transforming complex sets of data into actionable insights, not as a revenue stream for us but as a catalyst to propel the entire SBA lending industry forward. We're offering a free, straightforward way for lenders to leverage this invaluable data to directly impact their business growth," says Justin Levy, CEO of iBusiness Funding. "We're committed to democratizing access to public information by providing LenderAI Insights FREE of charge to SBA lenders nationwide."

Customizable Models and Dashboards

"LenderAI Insights is unique in its adaptability. We're able to build additional models and dashboards as requested by customers using the platform with exclusively public data. We're launching LenderAI Insights as a standalone product, but clients will be able to access all the functionality directly in LenderAI itself in the near future using their existing client logins. We're excited to see how lenders will leverage the data to impact their businesses, and we are committed to continuously enhancing the product," adds Chris McCay, VP of Product for iBusiness Funding.

Platform Features

  • Industry Trend Analysis: Real-time trend forecasting to aid strategic decision-making
  • Risk Assessment: Comprehensive risk profiles offering insights for portfolio management
  • Market Segmentation: Detailed analyses of market sectors for targeted business growth
  • Predictive Analytics: Proprietary models that anticipate market changes derived from public data

Solidifying iBusiness Funding's Role as a Pioneer in Public Data Utilization

"With the launch of LenderAI Insights, we reaffirm our role as an industry pioneer for lending and data solutions. Our commitment to free, public data aligns perfectly with our mission to innovate and streamline operations for SBA lenders," states Mr. Levy.

Experience LenderAI Insights Today

Lenders can create their free account to start benefiting from LenderAI Insights immediately. Visit to get started.

About iBusiness Funding: iBusiness Funding is a leading provider of lending solutions for banks and lenders of all sizes with a specialization in SBA lending. The company offers a range of products and services designed with a core mission to streamline the business lending process to get efficient capital into the hands of small and medium-sized businesses. iBusiness Funding originates and services loans from $5,000 up to $5,000,000 and sees over 1,000 business loan applications through its platform daily.

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